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I replaced O2 sensor(Air/Fuel) and cleared the codes but after some time I get the CEL and codes P0030/P0130/P0134.
P0030 - H02S Heater Control Circuit Bank1 Sensor1
P0130- 02 Sensor Circuit Bank1 Sensor1
P0134 - 02 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected Bank1 Sensor1

I already replaced multiple O2 sensors just to eliminate it could be faulty new sensor - no luck so far.
I have Mazda3 1.6 pertol 2009 and I cannot find fuses for those sensors.
It should be under the bonnet regarding the diagram - not in mine though Fuses

To exlude there is problem with connector itself I measured the connector as can be seen here
This guy is getting measurements on all 4 pins - I am getting on 1 pin only (12.4V) - not sure how accurate that method is and what readings I should really get.

Not sure what to do with it - MOT is coming soon and with CEL it will fail.
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