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Girlfriend is about to be upgraded to fiance.. girlfriend currently has a 04 Mazda 3 2.3 with about 110K on the clock. She is pining for my Toyota Highlander so that means I will be getting the Mazda 3 at least until it is paid off.. the low down is, I don't know if this car has ever seen the inside of a mechanics shop. it has everything under the sun wrong with it. I am going to do the MAF fix whenever I get a chance but she lives in Arkansas and I live in Louisiana. usually I am only there for a weekend and don't have all my tools with me.. etc.. etc.. but she agreed to drive it to Louisiana so that I can spend an entire weekend working on it.. replacing the motor mount, ball joint, MAF fix, and valve cover gasket.

Well one of the things wrong with it is it has a intermittent shudder/stumble that occurs under hard acceleration (not every time though) and sometimes at idle.. she has a valve cover leak and it's leaking oil into the spark plug valley. The two center most plugs were soaked so my next thought is the oil didn't get burned by the engine.. and wiped out the catalytic converter. The other thing is the exhaust is LOUD!! like really loud but not like an exhaust leak.. anyone have experience with a cat getting loud when it goes out?

I guess I'm trying to figure out if the stumble is MAF related or Catalytic converter related.. I'd rather not buy a catalytic converter unless I knew for certain that it needed to be changed out.

here is a quick video we took accelerating to try and demonstrate the stumble we are having.. its hard to hear over the sound of the exhaust but just as we get to the other side of the little bridge you can hear the stumble/sputter I am talking about. Any ideas what it could be related to?
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