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Cardomain? anyone?

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Hey I set up a car domain page a couple of weeks ago now, and it has disappeared completely! I spent a few hrs on this and *POOF* sucked into the friggin cyber hole WTF!? Can't login, haven't got my password and user name in an email, can't find my page at all!.... MAD!:angry:

Anyone else with this issue?
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Cardomain?.....what is this early 2000 still?....LoL

I use to have it a few years ago....Havent been back in ages!
It's really changed you can win prizes and they have levels of car mods as you add more you level up kinda like a vid game and weird though. Yeah I'm NOT going back to it cuz I spent 3-4hrs making a page and it's lost :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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