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Mazda3 Hatchback
Titanium Grey

$17880 - negotiated price (MSRP $19100, Invoice $18,250)
$520 - destination fee
-$1000 rebates
+ 5% MD sales tax
$18300 final price
3.9% Mazda Financing, 60 months (I plan to pay it off sooner)

I got mine at Gaithersburg mazda. My experience was good, and they didn't try to pull any BS. I would recommend checking them out if you live in Maryland.

If you want to save yourself some serious money, read everything on !!

I found these tips the most useful:

1) Do your homework. Know all the options you want and what they cost, scams dealerships try to pull, etc...
2) Line up financing BEFORE you go to the dealership.
3) Figure out a price that will give the dealership between 3 - 5% profit. This is LESS than invoice. has a spreadsheet to help you calculate this price.
4) Anything they try and sell you in the financing office you can get cheaper on your own - including extended warranties!
5) Get offers through the web. I did my negotiations entirely through email and the phone. You can also walk into dealerships and ask them to beat your best quote.
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