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My car has this problem where it would stall at startup. It only happens every so often and it doesn't always fully stall but it would come close each time.

When I turn over the engine it would sound like everything is going fine and the motor is going to start so I let go of the key. Then disaster strikes. You can see the RPM couldn't keep up and the car would start to stall. Sometimes I get lucky and the car would slowly rev back up in the next .5 - 1 sec. But if it doesn't I am screwed because I won't be able to get the car started again after it stalled. I have to wait 24hrs before it would start again. It seems like it gets flooded with gas and it needs time to evaporate the excess gas.

I had it towed into the dealership before and of course they were no help and said the problem can't be reproduced.

So where do I begin troubleshooting the problem on my own?
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