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car audio gurus! come inside, I have a problem for you...

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How do you test for a bad ground for the HU? Mine is giving lots of pops through all of the speakers and is even doing it with the key not even in the ignition. Could this even be a bad ground or just the HU? I imagine the system even reacting with a key in it is not a good sign. If it is the ground, can it be bypassed and how? I imagine you would snip the stock one, solder a new line and find another chassis spot for it. Would that create any problems for me? I know the ground isn't suppose to be the same length as the power line.

One more thing, the HU dimming rules out the stock amp, correct?

*Never mind about the dimming. That might have been me turning the volume up and down. I had that feature turned off, but after plugging it back in after disconnecting it, the feature came back. No music playing though. Neither radio, CD, or Bluetooth.
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I put the stock back in and its still giving some problems, but not as bad as that Friday's. I wired up an after market to the car and it was a little more controlled, as in one or two pops in each speaker. I was able to get music in the speakers, where the stock unit wasn't able to play anything. This does rule out the stock head unit, finally, but now I have to figure out how to rig an amp to the stock unit to see if its the stock amp.

does anyone know how to wire a new amp to the stock HU?
A new amp to the stock head unit needs a part called PAC AOEM-MAZ2. It basically just as ports to add your amp into your head unit. I am ordering it to put my amp in to play my subs. I don't know if this answers your question but this is what I am doing and it says it's for the older models but there are reviews saying it works for the newer ones as well.
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