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Can't wait

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I'm probably going to buy a 3 sedan as soon as it comes out. Any ideas as to when? I keep pesting my local dealerships, and I get a range of answers. One said, hatchback around x-mas, sedan who knows? Another said, both in January. The most recent one said, late november??!

Why won't it just arrive =-\.
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That's the million dollar question around here.
Maybe it will make the time go faster...on second thought, i think it'll just make it seem like I'm waiting longer :shock:
simple solution!

step 1: load up picture of Mazda 3 (hatch or sedan. Your preference.)

step 2: play some fast driving music (Initial D, Gran Turismo OST, Chopin)

step 3: stare at picture and say "breeeeeeeeee bom bom... DING ding ding ding ding... bom bom... breeeeeeeee ding ding..."

step 4: repeat as necessary

That should keep all of us busy until it comes out.
LOL, I assume those are car noises... My deal told me December-January, supposed to be out before the 6-hatch
Kazbaeden said:
Shall we start making bets?
Make a poll. 8)
My dealer in Brampton Ontario told me last week they should be getting both the hatch and sedan in the second week of November. I hope this is true, the sooner the better.
Yup, the dealer I bought my Mazda 6 from in Toronto told me that they should have a few of them by mid November, and the market will be flooded by Christmas. My wife and I want to try and trade in her 2002 P5 for a 2004 M3, so I have been badgering them like every week for the longest time. I just hope there are a ton of people who plan on doing the same, cause we won't get as much for our mint P5.
Makes me wonder if I should trade in my Alero for a mint '02-03 P5. Sure, it's not a MZ3 but it's a big step up!
Mazda canada just phoned me back. They said December 15th. Sounds reasonable, maybe you lucky east coasters are getting them earlier =\.
And yet they're coming from the West Coast...
Yeah, a friend told me he saw them at the port, at a suburb near vancouver. If only I could just buy it off the boat.
You could always just steal it off of the boat. Here's my guess - November 24
I hope you're right, and that you overestimated. =)
Mazda3's will probably come out late november to mid december. I doubt they'd actually do it at X-mas time, cause most people, dealerships, etc. dont work for a few days on X-mas.
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