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Can't decide on the CDN colors...advice?

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I've posted this on the CDN section, but this section gets more attention so I thought I'd add it in as well. I've looked on and they have all the color combos up for Canada.

I don't know what I want anymore. Initially, I wanted Black Mica with Black leather, but that would be too much black for me.

Now I just don't know anymore. The interior is not all that great in that the blue red does not really go with anything. Only the Indigo Blue and Blue seats go together but I don't like blue.

Hmmm, maybe tit grey with black leather? But I don't like metallic paints.

Does anyone know if you can custome order a ext/int combo? I would like to have a Black Mica with Red Cloth interior. That would work out well.
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The only color without metallic is white. Try white on black leather. Titanium looks so good on Mazda3.[/img]
there are actually more colors w/o metallic.....indigo blue and sand mica....but those are so great...
You can always get a shop to put leather in your car. As for the cost, I don't know. There are a few shops like that in the US but here, nothing that can be found across Canada, so your only way of finding out is to do a Calgary-only search for it.

I like the red exterior and I also think the beige is elegant, but not sporty... Some colours are also available with a black charcoal cloth but they might be too dark.

Personally I wanna see the GS and GT seats in all their colours before I can say for certain which exterior colour I want. I can always go the silver route again, like we did with the Protege, but then both cars will be silver with black interior....
In the US, aftermarket leather (at least, for the MZ6) is around $1000-$1200 USD.
yeah, really just wait till it comes out and try to stop stressin over it
sand mica and indigo blue are metallic/ mica color as well.
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