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Canadian invoice prices?

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Hi folks,

Just curious what the invoice prices are for all 3 Canadian trims.
If anyone has invoice prices on the packages as well, that would be great :)

I'm just curious as to what kind of deal would be considered fair if I drop by a dealer. Don't wanna go in there and ask 16,000 CDN for a fully loaded GT + GFX :oops:

Dinu, I believe that you said a while ago that 95-97% of MSRP is a fair price to pay for the car?
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If you want to get a deal for yourself you should always work from invoice UP not the other way down. If that will only benefit you know who.

OK, some prices as I know them:

GS with MT, A/C and powerpack invoice is $18295
Metallic Paint is $86

If can you find a decent dealer who is willing to sell a car and move on then you can get a pretty decent deal for about $500 over invoice. I doubt you'll be able to get something @ invoice like in the US but $400-500 over ain't going to break the bank.

Also, dealers don't like to talk about it but be aware that they are invoiced 2% MORE than the base invoice from Mazda but they get this "holdback" as a rebate. Some use it to finance the cost of maintenance of the car while on the lot, others might use it as extra profit while another might use it to pay the sales guy. In any case, you will not be able to finagle a deal based on this holdback. Just be aware that its there and not negociable.

Good luck with your buying, I just bought a GS as described and got a good deal but I knew the pricing before hand.

P.S. It also pays to talk to a sales manager :)
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Is that the Canadian invoice price for the GS?
I think MSRP for that same package is about... uh... $19,600 CDN or so.
So there's potential for savings :)

So... work from invoice up?
:D Can't comment on the other trim levels but for a GT Sedan 5-speed the invoice is $19922, invoice for the GFX package is $1022 and invoice for metallic paint is $86... Freight and PDI is of course $925. And beyond gas and air tax (if applicable in BC) there shouldn't be any other charges besides sales tax & liscense. Most dealers charge an "admin charge" of aproximately $250 - $300 but this is NOT payable to Mazda... it is pure mark-up. Always start from the invoice up... and let them know that you know about the holdback so you don't expect to pay a lot above invoice.

I paid $26604 OTR for a Sand Mica GT/GFX 5-speed with LIP SPLR & ALL WTHR MATs... that's about $400 - $500 above invoice.

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