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Can The DVD Navigation System Play DVD Movies Also?

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I searched and didnt find any answers and I want to know if it can cause I want to make sure my $1,700 can at least play DVD movies if it has to read maps from a DVD disc. If not, then I won't opt for the NAV System and just get an aftermarket Alpine system or something. Thanks in advance! :)
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No, it cannot play DVD movies.

That would be illegal.
How is playing DVD movies in my car illegal? I'm from U.S.A.

Is it illegal to play DVD movies on DVD based Navigation systems or is it illegal to play DVD movies in your car at all? I don't understand!
They're illegal cause they potentially take a driver's attention away from the road. Most (if not all) DVD movie systems that come stock are seen by the rear passangers only, or at the very least outside the perimeter of the driver's perhiperal vision.
ok if they cant play DVD movies does it at all incorporate itself with the stero system at all? or is it just a 7 inch screen just for navigation purposes?

if not ill just get an Alpine IVA-D900 for the same price as the navigation system that can play DVD's and MP3's with a 7 inch foldout screen for $1599.00.

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Navigation only. Noone has proven DVD will play.
The screen is just for navigation. The top rectangular display shows all the stereo functions, and the clock.
Do you guys think the Naviagation system is a waste of money and has anyone gotten that option and is happy with it on the forums? Thanks for your replies! :)
That Alpine is nice, but fitting it into the 3's dash would take some effort. Would cool though.

On whether or not its a waste of money is pretty very subjective! I mean, it'll save you alot of time when travelling to unfamiliar places - and I know people who should never be without one, anywhere.

However - for the same $1500 I can probably stuff a mini computer system into the glovebox and get a decent 7" LCD to mount somewhere in the car. Then you got Wireless LAN, DVD, mp3, and NAV. To make it look pretty will probably run another $250.
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vaBooM said:
No, it cannot play DVD movies.

That would be illegal.
It can be upgraded to play DVDs, and for a dash mounted monitor, it is only illegal to have it playing while driving.
See below of a previous post of mine on how to make this happen. The rx8 guys have already proven it true. You have to get a switch to go between the Navi computer (in glove compartment) and the navi screen. You then plug an external (your own) dvd player into the switch and you can switch the input into the screen between the navi computer and your dvd player. I did the same thing in my Acura.

If you are stupid enough to get pulled over while a movie you need to get a ticket! If you ever get pulled over you just through your hidden switch and all the cop sees is a perfectly legal navigation screen.


The system will NOT play DVD's in the included navi dvd reader. Instead you have to buy a "switch" that goes between the screen and the dvd reader. The switch will switch between the navi and a dvd player or any video source that you want to add.

Assuming that the navi in mz3 is the same as the navi in the rx8 this switch already exists. Check out this link:
this guy has already done it:
i have the navi and im very happy with it...not much else to say its not the greatest thing in the world but i'm happy :) and i really want someone to try that switcher that looks awesome.
rpc180 said:
That Alpine is nice, but fitting it into the 3's dash would take some effort. Would cool though.
It would take the same amount of effort as putting any aftermarket deck into the dash.
i read somewhere the navi screen and reader is borrowed from the RX-8... but i am skeptical as to the screen's ability to play DVD's... would it not need to be a certain resolution, much higher than that of a navigation screen?

I would be interested in getting the TV tuner, just not the first one to hack my navigation... any brave pioneers out there?
Make your Nav play DVD Movies

All you need is $500 to install a Universal Navigation Video Switcher System that is proven to work with the Nav in the RX-8's. With this box you are able to watch your DVD Movies, Hook up a Playstation, PS2, X-box, VCR and even watch your morning news on the way to work...thats right - also a TV Tuner!!!! Any1 can install this bad boy 2. All it takes is some1 with the ability to cut four wires and hook-up the two together :shock: . Its that simple thankz to Avelectronic. They also have available a Bullet Type Mirror Image Camera that you can hook-up to the switch so u have a live shot of your rear-view :!:
Check it out:
talk about instant plug for avelectronic....
yeah true all you need is the tv tuner, but the whole cutting of the 4 wires between the navi and the reader kinda makes me wince... i promised myself with this new car, i wouldnt screw with the electronics too much, as in my 200SX...
I was wondering about this too. My dealer told me that he has a Mazda (didn't mention a model) with a navigation system and said he was able to get a chip installed into the DVD-ROM reader for it to be able to play movies. Don't know if it was BS or not, but if anyone else had heard about this I would love to know if this is working and about how much it would cost (Don't want to spend much more then I already have for my NAV system).

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