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Can Sedan Trunk Be Made to Pop Up Higher?

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Whether I use the inside release or the key to open the trunk of my sedan, I am forever frustrated with having to stick my fingers in the teeny weeny gap between the trunk and the bumper to open it up. There are scratches on the bumper as a result.

Is there some mod that I can do which can make the trunk pop open higher?

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Keep a midget back there to kick it open.

I'm actually not too happy with it either, but I lived to deal with it figuring there was no changing it. When others are opening my trunk they'll usually grab my spoiler, at which point I'll swat their hands away.
I think that problem is why Mazda added a little scoop in the middle of the bumper on '07 sedans, like the hatches have.
You can use a spring popper from a shaved handle door popper kit. Install it in the sill and it'll pop it open about 1" or so. AutoLoc comes to mind, probably on ebay too.
Thanks Autoxer. I will give that a try.
This might apply to you.

The trunk money helps too.
Thx Bean. I have an 05 sedan, so not sure if the TSB applies. Having said that, it never hurts to ask ;)
Anyone come up witha good solution to this? I would like to have it pop open a lot more than it does, if not all the way. Are there replacement struts that are stronger? I saw the "AUTO-LOC DP2000" which is only $20, but how would one install it? Anyone does this?
I want that Trunk monkey in my car :D yadadada.
[quote author=Kramer link=topic=67823.msg1311140#msg1311140 date=1175677335]
I want that Trunk monkey in my car :D yadadada.


LOL, as if we have a Kramer as forum member.
It's not bad, isn't it? :)
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