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Can radio be changed and still have LCD Computer?

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Hi, If I buy the speed 3 can the radio be changed and the Lcd panel with trip computer, ambient temp still be kept & functional?..Thanks
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The lcd will still work with the temperature and climate control, but I don't think you can keep the trip computer because the stereo controls it.
you are quite correct. the radio is the power source for the clock and trip computer. there may be a way to maintain, but I would think that is quite tricky. Do some searching in the threads as the radios are essentially the same across the board.
i dont understand why there wouldnt be some kind of solution for this from the aftermarket radio bezels... must be a way to get it done. kinda sucks about not being able to use the trip computer. is that the only thing that wont work any longer?
now if you keep the stock radio in its place, and use one of these kits that stack on top of the dash, and you just splice off the control, you might be able to use it. it is not the cleanest install, but NOONE is going to see it once installed. You MIGHT be able to continue the trip and clock. I would have to map the wires to see which ones control that stuff.


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you could move the factory radio to the glove box...major hassle I would guess as all the wires would have to be exended...
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