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"-Is the S worth it over the I? I've read reviews and they show marginal differences in power and torque, however when reading the specs, you get alloys, power, A/c,... with the S over the I(makes up for the price difference)."

I'd say the S is worth it. The extra features alone make it worthwhile and I can say the 2.3L pulls smooth and hard, 12HP may not seem like much but it can take many hundreds of dollars to ACTUALLY get an additional 12HP out of any car and with highway speeds around here at 120KM/h (pretty quick) any extra HP is useful.

"-When people say sport, are they just talking about the options package or a different engine all together."

Yeah as cited above the M3 Sport is a Canada thing though it is a nice bundle it includes every option you can get in Canada (ABS etc). Your only options are Auto, Air & Sunroof.

"-I'm planning on the AT, the Jeep has destroyed my love for MT's, I want something to comfortabley drive. I read that the AT sucks power. How true is this?"

The AT is just as brisk as the MT. The MT you may be able to snick off a .10th or so in the quarter but the AT shifts fast and smooth. The Manumatic can make it a bit of fun when you have the space to run through the gears. The MT is a nice piece though with traffic as it is around here I can't be bothered with my every day car.

"-Another point I saw was that the stock Goodyears are slick. Does anyone have any opinions on this. I'm buying in the dead of winter and dont want to crash it in a week."

The RSA tires are certainly not the creme de la creme of the tire world but they are quite servicable. We get a fair amount of snow up here in Calgary and a lot of ice inbetween and I haven't had any issues with the RSA. IF I come up with the extra cash I'll consider buying new summer tires in another year or so but these will be fine. In case you didn't know RSAs are used a very wide array of cars as their stock tires so they can't be that completely bad or people just would reject them.

"-I'm planning on getting ABS, but the firm braking power worries me in slick conditions. Do I have any basis for concern?"

I'm not exactly sure what you are getting at here. I found the pedal to be quite progressive in the braking power. With ABS you get the Electronic Brake Force Distribution which automatically applies braking power where needed. ABS works well as well, I've come to a brisk stop from 80km/h to zero in less than 80 feet with the ABS going so I can say it works well.
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