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Should the bumper be replaced due to dealer damage?

Bumper damage from dealer!!

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I washed my car one day and i wanted to take off my front license plate and holder to clean around it. Of course there is 2 holes on the black lip splitter for the holder, but there is a hole above the splitter.They made a mistake and just got lucky because the holder covers it. So im thinking to myself what if i wanted to move to a state where front license plate isnt needed. Then id have this obnox. hole on my bumper! :x Plus i have minor scratches on bumper so a complete new bumper would be nice


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take it in a bitch!!!
If it is covered by the plate I think you are going to get the WAVE Bye Bye.

If you're state requires front license plates, they probably won't care cuz the bracket that you're supposed to have on covers the hole. The dealer I got my MZ3 from screwed in the bolts super tight so the bumper is pulled out a little around each hole, and the paint around the holes separated from the bumper a little. :(
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