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Broken Left taillight, are any of the under $200 LED tailight kits any good?

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I totally damaged my left-rear taillight, are the under $200 replacement kits on EBAY any good?

It looks like one OEM assembly (both lens and bulb receptacles) from the dealer would be about $200 as well. I have never been fond of the chromey geewhiz OEM lights in the first place, so are these ebay kits too good to be true.
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I noticed on a much later page, that this topic has been covered before. How about making it sticky and including the rather convincing photos of some installed smoked black ones? The post I found was several pages down, and the very poor search engine on this site rarely finds things as it links to way too much unrelated stuff to the search terms.

I ordered a pair and I will also post a picture on my silver Mazda 3. As I said, I never liked the tacky chromey original tail lights - which remind me of cheap plastic toy cars than real tailights. I have to replace the whole assembly including the rear part on my lights on one side, this LED kit is only slightly more expensive to do both sides with something more understated but also very nicely geewhiz.

I will need a bit of body work too, but that is not quite on topic for this section.
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i say no.. i did that... i bought cheap ones... not good.
my pics are in here somewhere, but i'm picky... every time i clean my car i gotta see those cheap lights on there with the glue, and the oddly cut lens... the only one i'd reccomend is alteeza... other than that... i wouldnt bother. just buy the one you broke. or spring for a set of nice stockers... thats my two cents. its what i wish i had doen.. now i already spent over 200 on aftermarkets and almost ready to buy yet another set.
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