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bluong1 said:
I second thebman. I haven't get any confirmation or unconfirmation whereas Mazda put special formulated break-in oil at the factory. Lacking this critical information, following the UM seems to be the right thing to do.

Those who think there is no special break-in oil are welcome to elaborate and please provide the proof of your statement.

I wouldn't risk to flush the engine oil too early (<5000 miles), and will certainly not swap to synthetic oil before the engine completely "breaks in", i.e., 10-15 kmiles or so, or the second oil change. Notice that the MRZ engines use many low friction components (low tension piston ring, etc....), that means it might take longer for the engine to wear down into its optimal shape, i.e., when all components seat correctly, fit well to each other, so that the engine could provide a highest possible compression, and lost insignificant oil into the combustion chamber.
It is fine to say what you will do. It is your car. I think you are attempting to scare folks.

I think it is more appropriate for those who claim there is a special break-in oil to provide some kind of backup to those statements. I don't see anything like that in manual. I think all of us here are in the same boat, with new motors. Special break-in oil has not been true of Mazda cars in the past, if it is the case now please cite some reputable Mazda source????

I have changed the oil before 1500 miles, usually at a little over 500 miles on 5 previous Mazda cars, and none ever burned oil. In fact every new car I ever owned got the oil changed before 1500 miles. I also ran synthetics in the last 3 starting with my first oil change.

Mazda's US sold cars, have 4 year, 50k warrantees, and it seems highly unlikely to me Mazda would risk expensive warranty claims down the line by failing to communicate that early first oil changes would cause engine damage due to inadequate break-in. So please help us out here and substantiate your claims.

Many people have had good success with their prior cars doing early first oil changes. Many of the most expensive and high performance cars built today ship with a crankcase full of Mobil 1.

I just believe if Mazda felt it was important to delay the first oil change they would tell us in the manual. In fact I believe they would have an obligation to do so. It would be in their own best interest so why is it not there?
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