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Break-in period complete?

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i just want to say 2 things

BP Ultimate is the sexiest PULP out (yes, strange statement) - my 3 rides so silky compared to Mobil Synergy8000 and Shell Optimax.

also, now on 4,500Km, it feels like the car has nearly completed it's "full break-in period" if that makes sense. The car runs a hell of a lot better than those early days. i did 200km/h (5,000revs) the other day and wow, the car glided so gracefully smooth.
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*prod prod* why you no coming to cruise!

and where did you reach 200?? i want to go to that road! ;)
Hey supernova3...

Can you please give us a semi-detailed result/list on how BP Ultimate is better than Shell Optimax???
could be possible that the bp servo is new and therefore has less sedimentry crap floating in the storage tank...?

i was under the impression that the only PULP manufacturer in aus was shell, and that bp, amplol, caltex etc... sold there PULP rebadged so to speak as there own ie vortex at caltex/ampol ultimate at bp optimax at shell etc...? but after getting info on the powerchip available for the 3, they said that the vortex was in fact of an octane in between regular and opimax...

ok found the Powerchip information on fuels.
The Powerchip is designed to get the best from your engine, and to do this it
is recommended that you use a high performance fuel. When ordering your
Powerchip upgrade, your Power Consultant will ask you for the octane rating
you would like your program to run. The advantage of using better fuels can
be explained in further detail by your consultant.
Powerchip Gold is designed to run on fuel with an octane rating of 95
(Premium Unleaded, Caltex Vortex, Ampol Gold). Powerchip Gold 98 is
designed to run on fuel with an octane rating of 98 or higher (Shell Optimax,
BP Ultimate, Mobil Synergy 8000). We highly recommend that you use the
highest-octane fuel available to you.
does anyone here work in the fuel industry, that could clarify?

other then that you have BOGAS or what i refer to as BOG ASS... hehe, that add a 10% ethenol blend to regular fuel range.
I believe from Ultimate and Optimax, there is not much difference from information about the fuel that both companies have produced. Both are 98RON, and are 'formulated' to produce this..I'm sure there will be a little difference in statistics, but not a major one. Both are very clean and responsive fuels through my experience(the only reason i go for which one now is really the price). Also i must admit i go for Ultimate better, but after careful thought is that i dont have any legit reason..i just make myself THINK that..dunno

But i've tried Caltex Vortex....and it sucks for the price i drives like any other ULP(my reason by distance clocked per tank comparitively) and my old engine did start up a little smoother after a tank of it though.(this old car has never used PULP before)..But for the price paid extra, i'd go for the ultimate and optimax over the ULP with some detergent/knock deterrent additives(which actually increases the RON)

One idea i also heard from my friend is that petrol tanks get porous after a while, and after a days rain and the ground is wet, it actually seeps into the petrol tank via its walls...which 'waters down' or makes the petrol inconsistent.
Anyone have any thoughts/evidence about this?
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I was told by a mechanic that that is what happened (water seeping into tank) to my old Skyline... so needless to say I avoided that station as much as possible!
aiight jeffyg, thanks for the info..

Then i'd say 'older' stations are prolly more prone to the 'water seeping' effect...thats why i like the newer look shell or bp than older ones..they give me the creeps...

nothing second best for my lion.( its not copyrighted yet!!=))
You have to be careful though, hotztuf. Sometimes the 'new look' ones are just older ones that have had a refurb. Same old crappy tanks below.

On the other hand, for example, I saw a BP get replaced with a new BP in Melbs, but I watched as I went past each day, and they completely dug the old tanks out and installed new ones into the ground... it was a massive overhaul.

Unfortunately theres not really many ways to tell as far as I know.
yeah..i even sometimes talk to the petrol station asking em what they are doing to their
Speaking about break in period complete..

it feels even harsher now..i've hit 3500kms now...and it feels like the engine is idling a little louder and rougher than the 2000th Km...I can actually notice the engine idling..when i clearly remember from before that the engine was suprisingly quiet..and i was very happy with the level of quietness from the idle engine.
It should be that im enjoying the car more and more because its past the first 1000km..but im not feeling that way..i'm actually leaving my radio off to hear if there are any other problems..

Can anyone describe to me how loud their engine is while just idling and no ambient noise to distort it?
Mines not whisper quiet either, but nothing that i worry about. Maybe ur just too used to Hondas and Toyotas which are reknowned for being very quiet?
okies cool..thanks jeffyg..

just felt that it was quieter before..hehe
btw, am up to 6000 kays
Fuel Stuff

Hi Guys (and Gals). First post here so hello :). Just by way of introduction, me and my girlfriend recently ordered an SP23 sedan in passion orange, and am expecting it late august so really looking forward to that. I am from Perth WA.

Anyway, purpose of this post, someone above asked if anyone worked for any fuel companies. I am an engineer for one of the 'big four' so if you have an questions about various fuels/differences, please feel free to ask and I will answer as best as possible.

Hey, passion orange..we aint got much of them from aust with that colour...

be sure to get some pics up soon!!

Fuel...ooh..theres plenty of topics out there needing explanation...
might as well go answer then close the case for debate.hehe

But one general q from aust. forum. Which is better. Shell Optimax or BP ultimate.
Hey Hotztuf. Yeah the passion orange is rare, that is why when the dealer said August I hope they meant it! It is a really nice colour though IMO and I think it will be unique (ish) :) I will post pics when it arrives.

As for fuel, it depends what you want. The important thing to remember is that RON is not the only important number when it comes to fuel. BP ultimate has the same RON as shell optimax but as far as I am aware, ultimate has by far the lowest sulphur content. This can be important in the long run as sulphur deposits, like carbon, can lead to pre-ignition. Also, if you are environmentally inclined, BP donates one cent of ever litre sold to environmental causes....not sure if shell does the same.

In a nutshell, the difference is probably negligible but personally I prefer ultimate (although I work for BP so that may be a little bias) but optimax is still a good fuel. If anyone here lives in WA, only buy ultimate, that is the only true 98 RON available here.

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There was a Passion Orange SP23 sedan at my dealer....looked absolutely fabulous at dusk.
Yeah, Ive seen an orange SP sedan and it was awesome. Ive posted elsewhere that it looks much better than the Tiger Mica holden did.
If only we can persuade Woolies to do a deal with BP instead of stoopid Caltex and I'll be more inclined to fill up with BP Ultimate more often than Shell Optimax...
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