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I'm talking about on cars. :roll:

Ok my dealer is a complete moron. I asked him how much it would cost to place a 3M clear bra on the 3 and he said "the bra is black, not clear." I then proceeded to tell him about the new innovations of the clear bra on most new cars now. He pretended to know what I was talking about "OOoooo.....those, uh, those cost 500." What a moron.

Back to the topic at hand. Do you think that it is benficial to have the clear bra? I do not want chips on my hood. Does the clear bra affect the paint underneath (absence of interaction with oxygen, etc) if it is used for a long period of time? I prefer not to disturb the lines of the 3, contemplating the clear bra w/ my titz grey, no pun intended.
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