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So to make a long story short, i thought i had lost my old ipod. so i went out to target and bought a new one. a day later i found my old one and wasn't able to return the new ipod. i also bought a athletic arm band with it. I've enclosed a recipt that show price paid and date. They are both absolutely brand spanking new!!! i would like to 140 shipped for the arm band a ipod 8g

Up next is 38mm turbonetics wastegate and dump tube. This come off of my turbo's svtf and has been in the closet ever since. I was going to make my pg manifold ewg but have lost the drive to do it. it has a 8lbs spring and will come brand new gaskets 150.00 shipped.

To the moderators, the required info is written on a small peice of paper, due to the size of the item, its small.
please pm or email with any question.
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