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Hey all,
Picking up the new 3 on Thursday the 25th just been informed no Bluetooth/Mobile phone connection which is very strange.
Anyway has anyone had a car kit put in with a Radio mute, did it work ok, how much Etc.
Please let me know.

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Thought I would reply seeing no one else did?? Had Bluetooth car kit installed which went in fine, but to have a radio mute put in its major dollars to remove the front of the dash and cut the wiring and put the mute in.
Probably around 4 to 5 hours work @ $95 and hour!!!.
Naturally I said dont worry about mate! :D

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Wow, how did I miss this topic? :dunno:

What kit did you have installed? Why is it uber-expensive to add a radio mute?

Several members have installed BT kits. Check these out. Myron & Davis, Parrot. The M&D actually plugs directly into the car's harness, so there's no cutting of any wires.

According to this pinout, pin "L" is the mute pin.

[quote author=celo link=topic=15294.msg201771#msg201771 date=1108552587]This is back of HU pinout:

|..X V U S | ##### | F D C A |
|............................................ |
|..W...T.......P N L J H..........B. |
|.............R Q O M K I G E....... |

A Left front door speaker (+)
B B+ (Power back up)
C Left front door speaker (-)
D Right front door speaker (+)
E Illumination (+)
F Right front door speaker (-)
G Illumination (-)
H - pwr ant
I - speed pulse
J - amp remote
K - nav: parking brake
L - telephone mute
N Audio control switch 1
O CAN (+)
P Audio control switch 2
Q CAN (-)
S Left rear door speaker (+)
T Signal ground
U Left rear door speaker (-)
V Right rear door speaker (+)
W Power ground
X Right rear door speaker (-) [/quote]

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Had a Nokia kit installed, Just looking at the Myron & Davis, Parrot you provided and thankyou!!. But I have the Bose head unit so I dont think it would have worked.
But its in and theres a mute button on the steering wheel so I will just have to live with that.
Thanks for replying.
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