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I just got home from picking up some eyelids from blue batmobile for my friend for his tC.

anyways..... He traced my headlights and tails, and reflectors. So he will be making someone overlays/eyelids.

if anyone would be interested, i might be able to set up a group buy.

I have a speed3. So it's a hatch, if i remember, i think the hatch and sedan lights are all different... other then the reflectors i think.

anyone possibly interested. I will get some pics once he makes them and sends them to me...

here are some pics of other overlays he has done for other cars...

mods...... move this to group buy section if you think it will fit better there.
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I might be into that, are those just stickers or are they actual fiberglass? Do they come painted at that price? The taillight overlays look pretty good. Wouldn't the speed3 eyelids be the same as the regular hatch?
yes they are prepainted.... they are just a vinyl sticker overlay. the speed 3 is the same as the regular 3 as far as headlights and tail lights..... i was refering to the difference between hatch and sedan...
yes the speed3 is a hatch, but keep in mind that the hoodline is different on the speed3 and the regular hatches.
I always wondered if the speed3 and hatch headlight housings are the same or different.

My gf bought me eyelids for my 3. however i want to know if they will fit a speed3 (aiming to get a speed3 in the spring/summer)
If they are the same why is he tracing your headlights? I have seen hatch eyelids on a ms3 and they don't look right, they stick out too much. I don't think it will matter with the stickers. So this will cost me $40 for both headlights. What is the dual version and why does it cost $5 more. Are the stickers permanent or can they be removed if I get sick of them?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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