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I figure you guys like to see races so here is a few.
The 4.6 Mustang has a built short block with a S trim blower and TKO transmission. The SS had a lid, and exhaust. The foxbody had a built motor with a kenne bell blower. The wrx had midpipe and turbo upgrades, One of the supras was stock Twin turbos, the other had an aftermarket Single turbo.

4.6 and Camaro SS- Ford Lightning 1.wmv

FoxBody and WRX- Ford Lightning 2.wmv

2 Supras-,Merf,IllessSupra.wmv

These are the mods the Lightning had on it---CAI, Line Mod Valve, Deep Pan, Custom Tuned SCT, Magnaflow Catback, 4lb lower and 2.77'' upper pulleys, electric fan, cobra r waterpump, 160 stat, TrukTracs, Nitto 555Rs, NGK TR6s, SVO SB Throttle Body, Intake spacer, Swanson PCV valve, Running Royal Purple :wink:

I had a 99 Lightning & it was a beast, so much tq it would fry the rear tires!! I loved beating up on vettes!

let me see: Power Surge Performenace chip & intake, full exhaust, 6lb lower pulley, electrc fans, NGK plugs....cant remember if I had anything else... I had drag radials for the track also.... see below for best run...
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