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Bigger Throttle Body?

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Just wanted to know if there would be any gains in putting a 2.5l mzr or 2.3 mps throttle body on a mzr 2.0l . Would there be more response than the stock mzr 2.0l throttle body. Or are the better options like a Mazda 6 throttle body?

Have - Throttle body grounded, and rear muffler delete.
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Not really unless you do a lot of WOT driving. It is a big miss conception about throttle bodies. You cannot make the engine grow more CFM than what it already has. Larger T/B are good for drag racing and road tracks that have long straight aways that you can utilize a slightly larger TB that the ECU has been calibrated for.
What you will lose is the low-end throttle response and lower MPG.

Now if you are talking about a throttle body that has been blue printed ported that generally opens them up 1-3 mm there is always a small improvement because now you have reduced the low of CFM via throttle plate hardware and thick throttle shaft and poor design throttle plate. The expense is around 200-300 dollars to perform this service.

Now if better throttle response is really what you want (but can think of any real advantage over a stock TB) then smaller TB would increase the air velocity at lower engine speeds below 2000 rpm and then you would lose your mid and top end speeds.
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