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i recently had problems with some 194 l.e.d's from for the LP
i noticed one started flickering, i had taken out the lights and noticed only 3 out of the six were on both.
so i put the good led on back on and mounted it in the middle for time being, next day i find a good led and install it. as soon as i do that the other led goes out, starts flickering.
i also had other leds from superbrightleds go out on me, especially one for the light from the ashtray area.

i dont want to buy again from superbright leds knowing that they are gonna do the same thing, that and their super white looks violet-ish, minus their festoon bulbs now thats white.
so which is a place i can buy leds from that wont give me any problems in the future?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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