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My opinion is that theres no need to buy a such expensive braking system if youre not running 300hp+.

What does horsepower have to do with slowing down?

A big brake kit is only "required" if you heat cycle your brakes so often that you start to exceed the normal operating temperatures of your pads and rotors to the point where you experience brake fade. Brake fade is the sickening sensation of putting your brake pedal through the firewall and *not* slowing down accompanied with the lovely stench of melting pad compound. Not to mention cleaning your wheels becomes a real bitch...

I autocross and do light track days with my car, and the only things I've changed are brake pads and braided lines. I still use OEM brake fluid and disks, however I plan on changing the fluid and disks for the upcoming season, only because it's time to replace them anyway.

I have no idea what the roads are like in Mexico, but if you're blessed with some mountains and twisty roads, start with mild brake upgrades and see how you like them. If you find you need more braking power, or you just like the "bling factor" of the big brake kits, then swing for the fences and go all out.

However, don't for one second think that horsepower has anything to do with braking requirements.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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