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Hello all, i'm trying to get some incite to installing a battery isolator. I'm looking at the Stinger SGP32 Setup. Now to the point, the Instructions online show, the isolator with 4 posts, 2 big, 2 small, the 2 big posts connect to the Positive terminals on the main battery, and the aux battery, one of the smaller terminals connects to a "true 12v source" the second to a ground. Okay, so that's out. My question is, where does the aux battery get it's charge from? Is it from the alternator, through the positive terminal of the main battery? Also, how do these systems work is the alternator isn't fed directly into the Isolator? Or is it that, once the ignition is turned off, the main battery is disconnected from the aux battery because the power to the relay is cut.

Which brings up my next question... say you drain the aux battery, then start your car up, the isolator is engaged connecting the aux battery to the main battery, (and the alternator), so now, you've got your fully charged main battery, equalizing with the "dead" aux battery. is this correct?

I've got a yellowtop optima D35 main battery, i'm installing a high output alternater, and i'm considering installing a second battery (which i already have, another D35 yellowtop)... But i want to see what work will be required to complete this install, any help appreciated, thanks.
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