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Battery advice

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I think i may need to upgrade my current stock battery, as i'm running quite a lot of things directly from the battery..

1st i have my 5000K DDM HID Xenons.
then my Kenwood 1000W Amp
then my DRL angel eyes...

the engines takes a lil bit longer to start now.. probrably cause of all the power being drained..

now.. i'm new to car batteries.. so how much output should i be looking for a decent high performance battery??

thanks guys
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get the wal mart premium.

hmmm problem is.. we dont have walmart in the UK.. hehe.. lool

who makes the best premium batteries? varta?
After your battery and you're still not satisfied, I would consider upgrading your "big 3".

1. Alternator + to battery +
2. Battery - to chassis ground
3. Engine ground to chassis ground.

If you use 8 gauge wires and run them parallel to the existing wires, this will increase the efficiency of your electrical system.

If your connections have gotten corrosion on them. Clean them and spray on battery terminal "protective" spray.
+1 for big 3. I did it on both my cars. It will at least inprove battery life and battery charging.
In north america, the best batteries are made my a company called Johnson Controls. It includes Optima, Interstate (not sure about this one) batteries and a few others.

Anything else are so so to poo poo. :)
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