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Backed into a pole

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So yah the buffoon i am i backed into a telephone pole and as a result have lost a nice little piece of plastic off my bumper. should i be worried about corrision? is there any way i can fix this without replacing the whole bumper? (to be fair it was very dark and the pole was black because it was wet from all the snow we got. lol)


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Doesnt look too bad. Putty and paint will make it all better.
do you know where i can get this putty? i've never damaged my car in any way before so i don't really know how to do this stuff. thanks
No corrosion on plastic body parts. Bondo/putty and touchup paint @ or just paint and replace the reflector, live with the crack and dent.
Hm, well i had something similar to that on my car but 3 times bigger... cost $900. good thing i didn't have to pay for it.
You can get filler/bondo at any automotive finishing store (where they mix and sell they automotive paint-look in the phone book) or most automotive part joints like Advanced Auto/ Auto Zone...take your time, its down low so it shouldn't be too bad
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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