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Average production time for a mazda 3

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Hello guys! Well I'm definitely in the market to buy a mz3 in about one month, but been checking out the dealers inventory I have yet to find any within 100 miles that has a pearl white gt sedan. I did a forum search but there appears to be hardly any information. I also did a google search and got a number on the production time which states that it takes about 16 weeks to make a car from scratch.

Is this number correct ?_? because it sounds awfully long.

I'm also wondering, does the dealer charge you anything to order a car that is exactly the way you want it? My fiancee wants a sedan and does not want to compromise by even going to a hatch. >_> I have no problem either way.
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depends on what production run you want. id assume the factories have already switched to producing the '10 model, so i doubt you could get an '09 made any more.
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