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AuxMod humming with XM

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Ok, i just installed my AuxMod and went to plug in my new XM radio and when i hit the "Tape/MD" button to turn on the AuxMod, i get a lot of hum with my XM radio. I have it wired directly in. Also, my glove compartment light is flickering. Now i ONLY get this problem when my car is on and the engine is running. When the car is off and the key is in the ACC position so that my radio and 12volt power turns on, i do NOT get the hum or light flicker. Everything works with the car off but not with the car on. Is this some sort of ground loop problem or interference problem or what???
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Yep, sounds like a ground loop problem. I'm not sure why your glovebox light would flicker because of it, though, because usually ground loops only affect audio signals. A simple ground loop isolator should take care of your problem easily; Crutchfield sells one from PAC that has stereo minijacks on each end, and should just plug right in between the Auxmod and your XM receiver.
i have exact same problem, i think i will go for AUX ground loop isolator, cause my ground loop isolators for spreaker wires dont do suck a good job with AUX mod.
Yup, you have a ground loop problem. Get the Crutchfield GLI (about $17) and plug it inline with the 3.5mm cable you have for your XM. As for the glove compt. light.... no idea. Where are you getting power for the XM?

naxxal, again where do you have GLI's in your system (between what components)?

Headunit ----> Speaker wires ----> Locs ---> Ground loop isolators ----> RCA Cables----> AMP---> Speaker Wires ---> Speakers
Yup, the ground loop iso fixed the problem. Thanks guys.
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