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Hello Guys, i've recently bought a brand new 2008.5 Mazda 3 Neo Sport (Australia) approximately 3 months ago now, and im experiencing a frustrating issue with the sound coming from my aux via my ipod.

Basically, when i try to listen to any song from the ipod, the sound outputted into my car system sounds like the treble is on a very high setting and there is absolutely no bass at all! This is extremely frustrating when i try to listen to songs with alot of bass.

I've tried to isolate the problem by changing Aux cables and Ipods but the issue persists. However, i've recently experienced bass back to normal again but a day later it went back to no bass, distorted sound. I've checked all settings and made sure Bass and Treble in the system was not set to a weird number which would impact the quality of sound.

This issue only started happening about a month ago, as it used to sound like cd quality with perfect bass and everything. Im currently reaching 1000 Kms on the car, so a service is coming up; so im going to let mazda know about this issue. Just wondering if there is anybody with any suggestions/opinions regarding to this issue.
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