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cowtown said:
"Honestly, I think people are expecting a bit too much from this car. No doubt that it is an awesome car for it's class/price range, but let us not forget that that class/price range is "compact economy car" after all, plain and simple. Simply having a readout for the A/C is cool to me. It really wouldn't be worth the trouble/expense of converting the NA HVAC system to the auto system. Obviously, it can be done, but it would take a bit of research, some time, and I'm guessing quite a bit of $$$$.

If someone finds the lack of auto A/C that large of a stumbling block, I would just say keep saving until you can afford a car with auto A/C."

I really have to agree with you, a lot of people are expecting a bit too much from this car and it's price range. It's a fantastic car with a lot of content so that may be it's own fault that it gets painted with that brush a bit.

And yeah it may be offered in Europe but different markets call for different demands. Xenon's apparently aren't all that popular (by and large) here in Canada so they don't offer them here.

I really hope the modders can figure it out, I may look at that mod myself if they figure it out however it certainly wasn't a deal breaker, I mean how hard is it to twist the temp dial once in a while?
I'll second that. There are a ton of options on cars in todays world and chances are, you won't get them all without spending major $'s. Keep in mind the trade-off's that you will be faced with when buying a car on a budget. Before deciding on the MZ3sport GT, I almost bought a C230 Kompressor - that car had all the bells and was very quick but the interior was butt ugly and a lot of the buttons and swiches looked and felt cheap. In other words, the Marcedes cut a few corners in order to offer a car in this price range and those "cut corners" were obvious to me. Maxda, on the other hand, seems to pull their car together without the obvious compremising - other than auto air.
I often make comparisms like this and many times I forget what I feel to be important when it comes time to make the tough (or right) decisions - it comes down to what I want and what I'm willing to spend.
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