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Here is the Central...SW...and Cincinnati schedule of event please use the links to confirm info thanks..

Points #1 05-02-2009, Sat National Trail Raceway
Points #2 05-16-2009, Sat OSU Ackerman Lot
Points #3 05-17-2009, Sun OSU Ackerman Lot
Points #4 05-31-2009, Sun OSU Ackerman Lot Street Survival 06-13-2009, Sat TBA
Points #5 06-20-2009, Sat OSU Ackerman Lot National Tour 07-04-2009, Sat Peru
Points #6 07-12-2009, Sun OSU Ackerman Lot Points #7 07-19-2009, Sun National Trail Raceway Toledo Pro 07-25-2009, Sat Toledo Divisional Solo Race GL 08-08-2009, Sat Peru Divisional Solo Race GL 08-09-2009, Sun Peru
Points #8 - Governor's Cup 08-15-2009, Sat OSU Ackerman Lot
Points #9 - Governor's Cup 08-16-2009, Sun OSU Ackerman Lot
Points#10 - The Stanberry Cup 08-30-2009, Sun TBA Nationals 09/8- 09/11 09-08-2009, Tue - Points#10 or Points#11 10-17-2009, Sat National Trail Raceway Fun event or Points #11 10-31-2009, Sat National Trail Raceway

April 26Test and TuneKil-Kare Speedway More InfoRegister
May 31Points Event 1
Cincy SCCA PE3Kil-Kare Speedway More InfoRegister
June 14Points Event 2Kil-Kare Speedway More InfoRegister
July 12Points Event 3Kil-Kare Speedway More InfoRegister
July 26Points Event 4Kil-Kare Speedway More InfoRegister
September 27Points Event 5Kil-Kare Speedway More InfoRegister
October 11Points Event 6
Cincy SCCA PE8Riverdowns
March 14th - Danny Popp Testapalooza and Tire Destruction Event- Limited Entry $75
Run all day! Kill your tires!- River Downs
Registration Opens February 21 at NOON
March 29th- Points Event #1- River Downs
April 4th - Evo School- River Downs
April 5th - Evo School- River Downs
April 26th - Points Event #2 Turfway
May 31st - Joint Points event with WOR (Points #3)- Kilkare Raceway
June 14th - Points Event #4- Turfway
July 19th - Points Event #5 -Turfway

Ok... If something isn't listed wrong I don't want a 20 oz of Hater-Aid from yall... You didnt pay for it so No I wont give you a refund...

Good Luck This season to all!!!!!!!
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