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News to the Mazda 3 platform.

Bought an '06 with trans and check engine light. Bought a new TCM and replaced it. Still got Solenoid E code.

Replaced solenoid e and the one next to it. Still not fixed. Symptoms: Hard shift into reverse (if I clear there codes with my Blue Driver, there is a shoot second where I can shift into reverse without issue), and the dash doesn't show any indication off great when in manual mode. However in "D" mode, the dash shows which gear the trans is in ( but I think it is supposed to showa"D."

I've replaced the sensors on the front of the trans and at the back. I didn't change the to one. No change.

I also tried to clear the codes and when the church engine/AT lights go out for split second, I can put it into manual mode. It will show first gear until I try to upshift and then it throws codes again.

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