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Auto Insurance - How much?

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Hi guys,

Im getting my 3 GT sport next week and I'm looking for insurance right now. What are you guys paying and what should I expect?

I have a clean driving record for over 5 years now and I live in Calgary if that makes a difference. I've already been quoted at $1,100 with $1,000,000 third party coverage.

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I pay double that.
I'm also going to be a pleasure driver too, so that probably makes a difference. I bus it to work :( Damn downtown parking rates.
i think we pay about 130 a month with collision.
that's for 25 year old driver with a clean insurance record.
i wonder if it'll go down when we get married
Pleasure = Occasional?

A gurl got into an accident and is getting sued for 250,000 for injuries and the insurance dropped her cause some how they found out she was driving full time instead of occasional.
you can insure for commute or pleasure.

you can get better rates for pleasure since you dont drive as much.
that reminds me i need to bump my commute distance down
i didn't think it mattered, but the online calculators actually give me a different rate when my oneway commute changes from 40km to 10km
yeah...I am supposed to tell them I need to bump mine up :(
what if u travel less then 10km everyday to commute to work. Then u go on vacation and u take ur car out of u need to tell them for that weekend, ur going like 400km?!

they ask you what you will drive approximatly in total.
3,000 a year here
$2200 :D.

It's gonna be less soon
Paying $92/month for the Mazdaspeed 3, for under 10 Kms each way. Clean record...ok, 1 speeding ticket forgiven.

I too should let them know I'm driving further distances to work now as well. Not sure how that will affect things.
I beat you all $449/month :shock:

-3: full w/ limited glass
-SHO: Fire/Theft/Vandalism
-Still kinda a new driver
-1000 & 250 deductibles

Edit 449 not 441
damn, son
I know, it sucks. One entire paycheck covers my car and insurance payments.
that's insanity
i pay 3,000 a year at the height of my poor driving, but that was with no collision or anything.
its weird it was like 3900 for the year if i pay that at once or 449/ month which is a hell of a lot more. I cant remember how that worked but there is a reason for it. I may see if I can find a better rate when I need to renew my insurance.
I paid 450 a month for just my 3 when I first got it...but its been dropping steadily since then.
i can't imagine paying $3000 a year for insurance...i don't think that i'd drive anymore.
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