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I was talking to the local Mazda dealer on friday and he told me the Mazda3 will be released on the 15th of January 2004.
He also told me of an SP23 which will have the Mazda6 engine!

You can already book a test drive on the Mazda website too. Mazda did the same thing when the 2 was coming out and they mailed a flyer just before the launch for a chance to win one just for test driving it.

Looks like my S/O's Mazda 121"Bubble"s days are now numbered!

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Was gonna make a new thread, but think i might as well put it in here!

Baseline (Neo) $22500 2L engine, inc air, cd player, sport trim and inline with the US i model. Can have safety package or power packages (n\c cruise)... Is cheaper to get them together.

Mid Spec (Maxx) $26000. 6 stacker cd player and 15" alloys. Also includes the safety and power packages as standard.

Mid Spec Sport +$700
Adds sportier seats and interior (from the SP23 as far as i could tell from the info sheet) + (spoiler side sills), 16" alloys

High Spec ($30700)
2.3L, electroluminescent gauges, sportier seats and interior, automatic climate control, full body kit (sports\areo bumpers, fog lights, 5 point grill ect.), plus Mid spec features.

Other things items of interest i picked up from talking to the sales manager... will cost ~$2000 for auto, at this time it is unclear whether the hatch will cost more than the sedan, Australia will also get the black\clear read headlamps (yay).

He also mentioned that it will be setup like the mazda6 in many aspects. Pick and choose what you want so you can get your own personal 'limited edition'. It's just a matter of whether its cheaper to go for the model below and add what you need, or go for one that has what you want already and maybe a bit more.

Now, the exciting bit for us Aussies is that apparently the mz3 may already be here (in the mazda holding yard :(), but since the 323's are almost gone, it is quite possible that the 3 will be released around Christmas (not officially, they cannot advertise the 3 sale\availability till the 15th I believe). The sales manager also said that he had a 3 on order and that it was on the water, and he expected that he could have it before Christmas (late next week if all things go well, new year if not)

At this time they don’t have all the information, and I had many other questions that I could have asked, but the sheet was all the information they had so there was no point asking questions that involved a lot of detail. Like myself, they were also mystified to what really separates an optioned up baseline to the mid spec.. The addition of sportier seats, wheels and a cd stacker doesn’t really seem to really make it feel like separate models, so when full details are released, this will hopefully be cleared up.

(He expected that more information has to be released very soon due to the fact that 3’s could be available two to three weeks.(and the fact that they've sold a few already))

Finally he also asked if I wanted to go down with him some time to the mazda holding yard and check them out. No test driving though. Also said there was an upcoming info meeting (I assume for the dealers) and that I might want to come along to that! Not totally sure they’ll contact me about that stuff. We’ll see.

And yeah, as I said in a thead hidden around this board, sun roof is not an option:) Eh, and leather, well.. not so good on a 40 degree day:D

I think thats it for now.. Hope this helps someone (also now that its in a slightly more visible place)

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Australian Pricing

Any more news on Australian Pricing...

With the aussie dollar climbing towards USD$0.80 cents, will this benefit be passed back to the customer.

When you look at the SP23 in the US base price approx USD$19,000 (incl ABS, Xenon etc) - if the price isn't under AUD$30,000 incl statutory charges (are we getting ripped!!!)

Looking forward to the release data!



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Aussie prices released on Jan 15. More details on the Australia thread, but I'll post here also, and for anyone interested, a brief list of Aussie standard specs:

Base spec (Neo) AUD 21,490
2.0L engine
Air conditioning
Dual airbags
Driver's seat height adustment
15" steel wheels
Single CD

Mid spec (Maxx) AUD 25,490
Adds 15" alloys
ABS with EBD and BA
6 CD stacker
Side + curtain airbags
Power windows/mirrors
Mid spec interior trim

Mid spec sports (Maxx sport) AUD 26,175
Adds 16" alloys
Side skirts
Rear spoiler
Front fog lights

Top/sports spec (SP23) AUD 29,900
Gets the 2.3L engine
High spec interior trim
Adds unique front and rear sport bumpers and grille
Clear tail-lights
Climate control air
Steering wheel mounted audio controls
Electroluminscent gauges
Stainless steel scuff plates
Leather wrapped steering wheel and gearstick

Activematic adds AUD 2,080.
Neo can add power pack (windows and mirrors) for AUD 700
Neo can add safety pack (ABS with EBD/BA and side/curtain airbags) for AUD 1,600

Unfortunately, Aust Neo/Maxx misses out on steering wheel mounted audio controls, and cruise control is optional for all 3 levels (probably not steering wheel mounted). Leather/moonroof/xenon not available as factory options.

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Purchased Mazda3 SP23 on the weekend in Sydney...

Basically they will not budge much on price as it has been just released

Paid $33,100

included additional

SP mats
Aftermarket window tint valued $290

Obviously stamp duty will vary state to state.



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Hey, I am a newbie here, but have been reading your posts for a while...

As we all know, the Mazda 3 was released here in Australia earlier in the month this year. I am a big fan from what I have seen of it and am seriously considering trading in my WRX and go for this tough looking little car. It will save me a fortune on running costs and insurance too...

I have recently been doing some research into the US Mazda 3, it's specs, options and PRICES. And basically, I am a little bit pissed. I priced a 2.3 litre hatch with leather interior, ABS, EDB, airbags, XENON & TPMS pack, 6CD in-dash, moon roof, SAT NAV system. Basically, I took your 2.3 litre hatch and spec'd it up to match AND EXCEED what our SP23 is and it came to a rrp of US$22145 and converted to AUS$28,521 - So, a higher spec'd car in the States is STILL CHEAPER that a lower spec'd car in Australia.

As someone mentioned a bit earlier was the Aussie dollar doing so well and whether that will be passed onto the consumer. I have recently written an e-mail to Mazda Australia regarding that exact question, but am yet to receive a responce. I will let you know what they come back with, when they do.

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I heard back from Mazda today in regard to my questions... here it is...

Thank you for your email enquiry regarding our Mazda3. We note your
> comments regarding the pricing of this model in comparison to the U.S.
> model.
> There are many factors taken into consideration when pricing vehicles and
> these will vary for each international market.
> Such factors include different tariff/import duties, different compliance
> (ADR) requirements, different market dynamics and local competitive
> pressures against other manufacturers.
> We feel the pricing of the Mazda3 is very competitive when you consider
> the overall style and design of the model compared to other vehicles in
> the same market.
> At this stage we are conducting a feasibility study into sat navigation
> for the Mazda3; however we will not release a product until we are
> completely happy that its performance will meet our high quality
> standards. A leather interior or Xenon headlights are currently not
> available for the Mazda3.
> Our National Parts Department is in the process of developing many
> accessories for the Mazda3 model. Most of them should be available
> within 1-2 months.

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Took a test drive on the weekend and the sales rep said that the leather may interfer with the side airbags, which is why they didn't have it as an option. He said they may be getting something in the future. OTOH he could has just been BS'ing me. :wink:
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