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Elmo, I agree with the audio. It's not as good as it could be and after a few weeks I'm starting to hear more speaker flare and clipping.

VaBoom in the USA has got an excellent guide to stereo upgrades on the MZ3

I haven't pulled apart my dash but most stock head units only have speaker wire out and no RCAs for connecting directly to an amp. I assume we don't get the wiring for the tweeters but the head unit should be capable of running them or alternatively you get splits up the front and run the tweeters off the same channels. You might be able to buy the tweeter panels from the US version that sit in the A pillar of the front doors.

For the rear it'll be a matter of taking the speaker wires and adding some RCA plugs to connect into an amp to drive the rear speakers (and possibly a sub). Power for the amp may require some searching the firewall for a hole to pass the power lead through etc.
Check the rear parcel shelf for speaker holes and if you're running speakers with a bit of power a 12-18mm MDF parcel shelf should give some support and reduce the vibrations through the panels and rear glass.

One thing to be careful of is the water protectors on the standard speakers. If upgrading to new speakers they may not have this cover and will get damaged if water gets in the door (water proof tape to seal them up)

In short, if you've got the time and ability it's not too hard, but it could be better to get a professional installer and pay the extra bucks.

Haven't had any of the other problems you mentioned except for bucket loads of brake dust.
Check your build date to see if it was a Friday before a Japanese public holiday or the day after the national Karaoke championships. It could explain the little problems.
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