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Ask your local dealers yet?

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I'm hoping to stop by a Mazda dealer this Friday to see what I can dig out of them about the 3. Last time I was there they were quite knowledgable about the Mazdaspeed Protege and I almost went for one lol.

Anyways, can't help but wonder why there isn't any 3 info on the Canadian Mazda site....
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They don't want to kill the Protege's sales yet. Don't forget that when the 3 comes, they will need patience to sell the rest of the Protege stocks.

And I don't think that you will be able to dig anything out of your dealer since they told me that they already ordered their 3's almost two months BEFORE I shown them the trims details I printed out of this site!

So they KNOW, but they don't want you to.


Canadian info. Not too in-depth but not bad. Of course we already knew all of this :)
Wow, information on the website the day after I ask about why it wasn't there lol.
when I went to Wolfe Mazda (Port Moody), I asked the dealer and he said he didn't know anything about it.

Just have to wait a few more months :)
dinu01 said:

Canadian info. Not too in-depth but not bad.
What, you mean the contact number? Did you see something else, because all I get is an error page. :shock:
I ordered my mazda 3 two weeks ago. Mazda 3 sport GT, Titanium Gray, auto, air, moonroof. I don't know the price yet but I figured I better put a deposite down because they are only getting 25 in the first two months.
They said it should arrive the middle to the end of november, I can't wait.

Tell us about about it please. Do you have any idea what options will be available, what the colour combinations are, did you see a brochure or just a printout, etc...

Did you get it from Brampton Mazda?
I'm very interested in knowing the price your dealer offers you down the road. Keep us posted!
You bought something you don't know the price of? So does that mean you're stuck paying whatever they want to charge you for it?
I haven't bought the car yet, I just put a deposit down to hold the car because of their limited availability when first released. I have some connections with the dealership (Mazda of Brampton) and basically if I don't like the car I get my deposit back, no questions (I have it in writing). To my knowledge, given their list of vehicles being delivered, the only options available on the GT Sport (hatchback) are auto tranny, air, moon roof, and leather interior. They said that this car should be around $24,000 - $25,000 Can. They could not tell me what the interior colour will be. I believe it will probably be the red. They said they will know more towards the middle of October when they go to see the European spec. Mazda 3's at (I believe) a press conference in Quebec.
I went back to my local dealer today (Mazda of Brampton) and asked if they had recieved any new information. They told me that they should know everything, including the price by Saturday when the sales manager comes back from the dealer meeting in Quebec. The dealer told me the weight of the mazda 3 sport GT would be 200 lbs more than the protege 5 and that the interior trim of the titanium gray sport GT would be the black and blue. As soon as I get the pricing information I will post it.
First post :D

great news, especially from what i was reading on another thread that said $32k
i just ask yesterday....Nov 15, 2003
not arrive yet!!!
Yuki said:
i just ask yesterday....Nov 15, 2003
not arrive yet!!!
Which dealer did you go to Yuki? The salesman I talked to (Richmond Auto Mall) said some cars are already here at the Vancouver port, but not at the dealers yet. He said it's gonna be next week.
The good news is, they've been taking orders since the beginning of this month.
i went to Richmond one..
but i don't like the sales there...kinda cocky....
anywho, that guy told me 2 more weeks or sth...and yes...they take pre-orders..

i have a friend who friend works at mazda as a sales rep....i am going to c if i can get hook up for some good deals....consider that fact that i am getting it after April 30, 2003...well..after i pay all the tax! i don't want the insurance and the tax thing all crash together......don't want to pay that much all at once!!!!

i think the price will lower in 2004
just phoned...arrived at the one near metrotown!
Yuki, go take pictures!!! If I was in Vancouver, thats what I would do. Can't wait to see the car.
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