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APME123's Black Mica sedan!!!!!!!

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I just bought my Mazda 3s Black Mica Sedan from Galipin Ford. And I love it!!!!
Here is what I got.

5 Speed Manual
Moonroof & 6-CD Package
Xenon & TPMS Package
Sport Package.
no leather. and nav.

Total Before Tax and License, 18325
60 months 3.9 apr, Monthly note is 325 a month. with Gap Insurance.

here are a few pics!! on[url/]

sorry the quality sux, I lost my digital camera, and had to use the camera on my cell phone!!!

Cant wait to take this car to Mulholland Drive,
ohh by the way I am from Los Angeles, California!! :) :D
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looking at your car is like looking in a mirror. i have your car's twin, but they must have been separated at birth. i'm on the other coast...Smithfield RI.....had mine for 3 weeks now...just turned 1000 mi...this is the first stick i've had since i got married ( 28 years )...i'd forgotten how enjoyable a car could be to drive....good luck with yours, hope you enjoy it as much as i do mine...Mike
Can you guys see the pics???
Congrats apme! Keep it clean :nsmile:
That's right at invoice isn't it? Good deal!
nice car..the pics are pretty good for a cam phone...enjoy!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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