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AP Logs & Questions

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car: 08.5 MS3

I have included a couple of logs (From AP).
Running Stage1 stock vehicle map v1.03.
Stage1 for Stock Vehicles. 93 octane fuel.

I know..they are not graphed but deal with it.

I am running 93 octane fuel.

Also, what the difference between actual & equiv A/F ratio.

The car feels damn quick but kind of nervous about that lean spot when I hit boost.

Considering running the stage 1 stock vehicle map for 91 octane to see if it richens up the mixture.

Logs 2 & 3 were WOT..not sure what gear.
Log 4 is partial throttle not sure what gear.


*just remove the space between mazdaspeed & forums in the link.

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I posted this on the other forum as well. this is your data. More people will look at it if its graphed

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That is why you should not load up your car below 3000k rpm. That being said you don't have significant knock at that point so your good. Don't worry about it and enjoy your car.
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