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AP Logs & Questions

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car: 08.5 MS3

I have included a couple of logs (From AP).
Running Stage1 stock vehicle map v1.03.
Stage1 for Stock Vehicles. 93 octane fuel.

I know..they are not graphed but deal with it.

I am running 93 octane fuel.

Also, what the difference between actual & equiv A/F ratio.

The car feels damn quick but kind of nervous about that lean spot when I hit boost.

Considering running the stage 1 stock vehicle map for 91 octane to see if it richens up the mixture.

Logs 2 & 3 were WOT..not sure what gear.
Log 4 is partial throttle not sure what gear.


*just remove the space between mazdaspeed & forums in the link.

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My concern was as soon as I hit boost...I am seeing a lean a/f.

in the datalog2...

At 2415 rpm I see 3.48 boost with a/f 13.67
at 2844 rpm i see 17.4 boost with a/f 12.49

in datalog3

at 2589 rpm i see 4.5 boost with a/f 14.11
at 2659 i see 11.31 boost with a/f 13.52

in datalog4
at 2590 rpm i see 3.92 boost with a/f 15.88
at 2659rpm i see 11.6 boost with a/f 13.52
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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