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Anyone think a speed 3 sedan will arrive in 2008?

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Hi, I currently own an 04 mazda3s sedan and have been going back and forth with trading it to get the speed 3. I am not sold on the looks of the hatchback and that may keep me from buying that car. I wonder if mazda plans on making the speed 3 in a sedan in the future?...I would buy it in a heartbeat...Rick
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i doubt it although it would be nice cause we all know :sedansrule:
As I just ordered mine.

It Better NOT!!!!!!!
I don't think they will ...however it depends on how well the MS3 Hatch sells and how many people request one. I personally don't like the sedan..the hatch is more functional and looks meaner. If I were to buy any Mazda sedan it would be a Mazda 6.
You sedan guys had your day in the sun. Remember the Mazdaspeed Protege guys?

It's the hatchback's turn now. :p
[quote author=Maverick9110E link=topic=69338.msg1202985#msg1202985 date=1171317304]
i doubt it although it would be nice cause we all know :sedansrule:

Clearly not, that's why the hatch is king now. ;)
well i mean they did such a bad job making it in the begining they had to go back and redo it... :)
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