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Anyone see Fox's New Year's Eve Vegas sponsered by Mazda3?

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Evening ya'll. While awaiting the lil' NYC ball to drop for New Year's Eve, I was switching back-n-forth between Mtv's celebration and Fox. The Fox Vegas was actually sponsored by the Mazda3!!!!!

This is the first TV spot I've seen (live in Maryland) for the Mazda3. Also, they aired the Mazda3 commercial all evening. Sweeeeet!

Probably be a bigger push at dealers for them now since they've had major TV exposure to millions of ppl.

Better get yours while they're there....


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New Year's Eve TV shows were also all sponsored by the MZ3 up here. I saw the french-language ad for the MZ3 for the first time... Same ad about Winnipeg, but much less annoying (better voiceover guy fo sure).

We mostly saw the Protegé logo morphing in a MZ3 logo commercial; Protegés have been best-selling for a while here (we see more Protegés than Civics or Cavaliers here), so Mazda Canada needed to relate the two car lines closely, I guess.
Cineplex and Famous Players movie theatres are showing the Protege-morph-to-Mazda3 adds as well.

They're really pushing the link to the Protege name - important in Canada.

I was visiting Las Vegas for Christmas and New Years and I got caught in the filming of their commercials.
some pics i took, i got video footage but its too big for me to host.

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Finally, some public appearance pics. You made my day :D
Great pics TurboSupra!

Btw, please put your location on your profile :)
heh no problem. the guy in the green hat is actually the same guy in the us commercials driving the 3. these pictures and the commercial were shot on fremont street which is famous for the domed ceiling that lights up as an animated screen. they started to film during one of the shows. the girl in the shorts was on one of the commercials during new years that showed her driving down the strip.
The girl in the shorts? Where? Where? :p
Very nice pics! The Mazda3 fits in very well with the bright lights of Las Vegas. A Corolla certainly would look very ordinary in the same area :) What a boring car!! ( Corolla)
Absinthe said:
The girl in the shorts? Where? Where? :p
oops my bad, she's actually the blonde in the closeup picture
Yeah, I was gonna say, I see no shorts, but do see some cuties. :)

Welcome from Atlanta..... I grew up in Marietta for 17 years, but that's a different thread... :)
How do you get hired to do stuff like this? I would love that job...
Hey! Mermaids!! I got drunk there on Halloween.... Thank God I had friends with me... all of the girls saw that us guys got home safe....

DJ Spencer's tip o' the day: Never start your evening with a shot of 151/Rumple Mintz/Jagger/Goldschlagger... It just leads to trouble.
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