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Anyone installed Angel Eye Halo Fog lights?

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Hey guys, I just received my halo fogs and just wanted to see if anyone had any installation tips handy. I should be getting my halo head lamps in today or tomorrow too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Try the search function, I think there are a few walk throughs with photos on the board. One tip I have heard is to use silicone adhesive to stick the halos on (the sticky tape only, tends to fall off some times) and make sure your headlights are well sealed when you put them back together. You might want to use silicone sealant around the outside seam of the headlight capsule.
I think janova777 is talking about actual angel eye fogs and I've seen them on eBay... they are definitley tempting but I have the i model so it would require a lot of modification. I don't think anyone has them yet afaik.
yeah I am doing head lamps too.. and i know its a little crazy with their install because you have to seal them and bake them and all sorts of crap. But i am planning on doing the fogs first. I know its mainly wiring but i just want to see if anyone has done it yet.
i tried making some buh the fit over the lamps was difficult cuz it wasn't a perfect circle =( i want to see how those look get pics up soon man =)
i will. I still gotta install them. I have them all sitting in my room. Ill get some up as soon as i can =)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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