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Anyone have the jdmgoodie ebrake handle or door handles?

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Curious what the heck these actually look like installed:

Does anyone have these, or know any more about them?

I have Red Line Goods covers for everything and the only thing I still need to fix in the interior are the ebrake and door handles...which look kinda cheap.


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I have the e-brake cover (and the auto shift-knob cover). They are held on by 3M tape. Fitment is not absolutely perfect (surprised cuz its OEM afterall, but it even says so in the instructions) as there is a bit of overlap between the two pieces.

I suspect you will experience the same with the door handles as well.
Ok good to know, does it look good, or not really?

Here's another JDM one from japanparts that looks nice...full handle:

I hate my ebrake handle ;-)


The cover looks good. But in hindsight, I'd rather have a real replacement handle (like the one in your post above) -- feels more solid
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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