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Anyone have Mazda install mods?

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I have had my dealer install the mazdaspeed exhaust and an f2 cai on my 07 3i. They said that because they were doing the work, it wouldnt void my warranty. Has anyone else had their dealer install parts? And if so, how did things go with your warranty?
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that shit wouldnt void your warranty anyways. All you did was pay a premium for Mazda parts and Mazda install.
For Mazda to void your warranty, they would need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your mod was the direct cause of the failure. I hate when dealers say aftermarket parts will void your warranty. Don't pay any mind to their scare tactics.
actually, they warranty their WORK. if you suck water up through the intake, you're screwed. doesn't matter who puts it on.

read the magnusson-moss act about vehicle warranties. you'll learn a lot.

also, start doing your own mods. if you are having someone do them for you, how are you ever going to learn what's going on with your car?
the only thing the dealer has done to mine is the pulleys, for timing reasons.
So are the after market parts vioding warranty? :huh
Yes, but it depends on what aftermarket mod you have. It won't void the warranty on the whole car.
For example, I recently went to the dealer for some work, but since I have lowering springs put in it voided my suspension warranty and I paid an arm and a leg for the work.
Its your call if you want to take the risk.
dealer took one look at my AEM CAI and told me my whole engine warranty was void.....good luck
Really? Just for the CAI? Damn, I'm screwed!
Thanx how bout bolt ons like catbacks and headers that sucks!!!!
I live in Hawaii so hopfuly they have some island spirt. :rofl:
That's why I took my ride in! Loose bolts started rattling making me think my wheel was about to fall off. But enough of that :femgearhead: :)
Image if it did fall off. There goes yur paint!
the only way your warranty is voided is if that particular part voided your warranty which the dealer has to prove.

if i put a turbo on my car and throw a rod and take it to mazda, they will void my warranty since the hp from the turbo most likely caused me to throw a rod.

now if i threw a rod and all i have is an exhaust and intake, then they have to fix my car since those two mods aren't enough to cause me to throw a rod.
[quote author=jplus link=topic=65140.msg1120899#msg1120899 date=1167170160]
dealer took one look at my AEM CAI and told me my whole engine warranty was void.....good luck

then report them to mazda corporate and go to another dealership. they can not void your warranty b/c of an intake.

print the magnuson-moss act and tell them to go read it.
Dealer installed my TWM shortshifter and said they would install anything I bring to them.
thats nice of them. I wonder if they would do that on Maui, hopefully.
of course thy will install it...they will still only warranty the work not if something goes wrong.
What bout labor fees? After all they are MAZDA so it must be hight but at leats they get tools.
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