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I am in S. NH, in and around Nashua a whole lot. Real Red Mazdaspeed3 with black center 17" Stern wheels. The car drops just a bit from stock, but looks really mean with the black wheels and black Speed3 accents on the body. Vet vanity plates. Put 2400 miles on it since picking it up on Dec 27th (Merry Christmas to me!) It replaces a 2002 Sentra S-ER which lunched engines every 33,000 miles. :shock:
At $22,850 out the door, I don't see any other car in this class! :D
Plan is for a Mazdaspeed CAI when available in late Feb
Heck here is the list of all the Mazdaspeed 3 stuff that is coming out soon:
CAI GRMS-8M-L29 for Mazdaspeed3 ONLY
EXHAUST GRMS-8M-L26 Mazdaspeed3 ONLY
18" X 7.5" WHEELS BLMS-8M-Z01

Care to trully test your car (and you) out?

2007 Track Days in the Northeast with COM Sports Car Club

Hey everyone! I'm stopping by to make a quick post regarding COM Sports Car Club’s track days for 2007! COM is based in New England but travels to many of the historic and challenging tracks in the East, Northeast and Canada.

COM Offers Performance driver’s education and time trial series at these prestigious road courses for less then $200 per day. We have top level instructors available and welcome drivers of every experience level, including first timers. For first time participants attending a non-NHIS event, COM will waive its initial membership fee.
New Hampshire International Speedway (April 9 & 10, July 7 & 8, August 20 & 21, October 20 & 21)
Watkins Glen, NY – Long Circuit (April 23 & 24)
Calabogie - Ontario, Canada – brand new track (May 28 & 29)
Mosport – Ontario, Canada (June 11 & 12)
Mont Tremblant – Quebec, Canada (July 30 & 31)
Lime Rock Park, CT (November 16 & 17)

We welcome drivers from all areas of the US and Canada.
For more info go to
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