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Anybody running Falken FK 452's?

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I'm interested in them. They're cheap, have a A traction and A temperature, and a treadwear of 280 and they are Z rated.
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I am seeing treadrating of 300...

I am eyeing them as well, also keeping an eye on Kumho SPT's. If you pick these up, do post about the ride.
I just bought some spt's and im mounting tomorrow
i was in your position not to long ago. I went with spts cause I heard the wear better than the falken. that or they are quiter, i forgot which.
If you get spts, get them from tirerack- good pricing, vulcantires charges too much shipping.

but anyways, ill let u know my initial impression after i get them put on tomorrow
bumpity bump...anyone got these tires?

How about those SPTs? how are they? I know its still early to tell but please keep us/me updated.
the spt's compared to stock is like night and day. The ride is much more quiter/comfortable
and from what I can tell, the traction is a hell of a lot better than the worn out rsa's.

I could easily break the rsa's loose, but these spts take some work, even in last nights rain

I think ive heard to 452's have better traction, but im happy with my spt choice, cheap and good

install was 60 :eek: at the mazda dealership. I cant believe I actualy took my car to the stealershipo, but i was quoted 112 at discount, 75 at ntb, etc , they were the cheapest
....most new tires are quieter & grip better than used tires...logic
I had the faulken on my other car which is a 98 mitsu spyder gst and I will never buy them again. They wear horribly and are just a bad tire. I am now currently running kumho on the spyder and when its time to get new tires for the SPEED3 I will def. go with the kumho tire. but thats just my 2 cents.
let me restate for mister picky up there ^^,
my kumhos, new, are far superior to my rsa'a at any point, rather new or used, in their lifetime.

and most new tires are usually less sticky for the first few hundred miles... because of something to do with the release molding or whatever

so my point being, get Kumho's!!!! because I like people doing what I do :D
do they offer kuhmo's in the stock 17 tire size, if not what size do I need to get and how will it affect the speedo.
I got 215/45/17's from tireracks (for my stock 17's (they originally had the 205/50/17 size tire)

I was told this was the best fit, and so far, I would have to agree.

I believe it tips the speedo to a slighty speedier side ... but not by a lot.
however dont hold me too that
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