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I have that exact set of lights. Theyre not bad, but I have modified mine extensively to fit my tastes. First of all, the LED thing is really obnoxious. It has no way to save what setting you have it on, so every time you turn them on you have to mess with a really tacky looking wired controller to get it to the color you want - and the kicker there is that the default setting is color cycle seizure mode. Back when I got these I had a high tolerance/naive-ness for ricey mods, but the LED ring was soooo ugly that I cut the harness apart to remove the led components within a week.

Then there is the issue of mounting - the pic below is the only solution I could come up with, but I had other plans with those 'turbines' that happened to work out pretty well with the design of the lights.

Its basically old computer monitor plastic and part of a plastic coathanger screwed into the existing foglight covers, with the black plastic cut out.

Thats a comparison of the white bulbs they come with to some blue bulbs that I had in at the time.

Blue bulbs they come with (I dont know why I didnt install those first)

The light pattern is actually pretty impressive considering theyre reflector bowls - you can see a fairly defined cutoff at a respectable distance. One of the glass covers is cracked from top to bottom from what I'm guessing was a rock or heavy road debris, but is still very sturdy and has survived in that condition for about a year. The side bolts developed heavy rust after about a year.

Later I retrofitted H7 HIDs into the bowls with strips of aluminum can to mimic the reflectors you find in HID kits for cars with reflector bowls. The light is blinding at night, and I wouldnt recommend you do this.

All in all they are not too bad and they certainly served me well, being both cheap and working into my turbine setup. However, as should be expected from eBay, they wont last for an extended period of time.

Hope that helps!

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