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No ETA given until a Vin# is assigned.

I would have to take leelee's advice with a grain of salt. Here in Phx there are plenty of Mazda3's to go around so I don't see how or why my dealer would sell the one I ordered with my specs over the "more popular" configurations that all the dealerships seem to have. I also have not purchased the car, I just gave them a deposit for ordering (a requirement if purchasing by S-Plan).

Sorry i have no answer for your question, as I am in the same boat as you are. According to my dealer, Mazda's being shipped to AZ come in at the San Diego port and then are trucked into our state. I would be surprised if mazda sends cars bound for Utah to Washington first when it would make much more sense to ship to L.A. and rail freight them in. My car has an ETA of the 12-16 as well, so that makes me think that they may be on the same ship? According to the port of San Diego's schedule they post, a ship is coming in on the 11th carrying automobiles with a final port destination of Port Hueneme, CA. Unfortunately, no real useable information is given besides the fact that the cargo is automobiles. The next ship into San Diego with autos is the 15th with a final port destination of Port Hueneme, CA. The respective ship names (for those of you who care) are Pegasus Highway and Green Cove. Now if I only knew what port Mazda shipped from (may not be Hiroshima) and if I could read japanese, maybe I'd be able to figure this out on my own...

Sorry for the length of this post, but I figured this info would be interesting if not helpful for those of us waiting for cars on the west coast. PM me if you'd like the link for the shipping schedules for the port of San Diego.
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